UAV motor model

Motor, also known as motor. This is very common in life, many toys are useful. But most of the toys are hollow cup motors, and consumer class UAVs use brushless motors.

Speaking of brushless motor, I have to mention the father of China's brushless motor - Li Hongtao. A great inventor, a high IQ man of science and technology. Before the birth of the brushless motor, the brushless motor was used. Since the advent of brushless motor, it has rapidly replaced the brush motor in most fields. Brushless motor has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, high reliability, servo control, stepless frequency control, relatively low cost and easy to use.

1. KV - 980. The Kv value represents how much the speed of the motor increases with each additional volt.

2. The maximum continuous current is - 20a30s. The maximum carrying current is 20A for 30s

3. The maximum number of battery cells - 2-4s. S stands for series connection, and several s stands for several batteries in series. The voltage of a single ordinary battery is 3.7-4.2v, and that of a high-voltage cell is 3.85-4.35v.